Content that Sells

Communicating your value proposition to multiple audiences is one of the great challenges of technology marketing.

That is what we do.

Land Your Unique Selling Message

We write content for technology marketing and sales professionals. Over the last decade, we have worked with many of the world’s largest technology companies, enabling them to realize the objectives of their content marketing strategies. 

Proven Experience Transforming Marketing Strategy into Compelling Content

Connect with prospects, educate and motivate your sales organization, or build your partner ecosystem

Written Content

We craft white papers, articles, Web copy, and written presentations that help you generate and nurture leads through the buyer’s journey. Our results-driven content development process creates effective content without taking up too much of your team’s time.



ROI Report™

The ROI Report™ leverages Hugh Taylor’s proprietary methodology, developed to train IBM account teams, to demonstrate the potential return on investment (ROI) for a technology solution. 


Win-Loss Consulting

Understand why clients are buying your solution, or not. Based on our proprietary methodologies and technologies developed by our partner, PSP Enterprises, our win-loss consulting can drive transformative change in sales and marketing processes.


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