Demonstrate the Financial Value of Your Technology Solution

The ROI Report™ from Taylor Communications leverages technology analyst Hugh Taylor’s proprietary methodology to demonstrate the potential return on investment (ROI) for a technology solution. Based on Taylor’s experience training account teams at IBM in consultative selling, the ROI Report provides sales organizations with a unique piece of selling content that’s full of “openers.” The Report enables account representatives to engage in meaningful dialogues with prospects about a technology’s financial payback—presenting themselves as problem solvers rather than salespeople. The paper comes with a custom-built Excel ROI Calculator that facilitates personalized, empowering sales dialogues with prospects.

The ROI Paper includes:

  • A 2,500-to-3,000-word report which describes a technology’s unique ROI potential
  • A customized ROI Calculator developed in Excel to showcase a technology’s ROI under multiple buying scenarios
  • A 750-word blog post that summarizes the report

Optional deliverables:

  • An account training deck
  • Account team training workshop

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ROI Report™ Example

This sample ROI Report shows the kind of custom financial impact analysis we can produce for your technology solution. It highlights the business problems your solutions solves, along with the specific financial outcomes your solution delivers.

Download sample ROI Report

ROI Calculator Example

This is a live ROI Calculator we created for a client. It is based on the premise that changes in unplanned downtime, which the client solution enables, will have a positive financial impact on the business–generated ROI in the process. You can model different downtime assumptions in this calculator and see how the solution creates ROI based on varying inputs. This function demonstrates the potential for an ROI calculator of this kind, which we can develop for your custom application, to help with your sales and marketing process.

Try the sample ROI calculator here.

ROI Report™ Presentation

This brief video provides an overview of the ROI Report™ and its potential value in the sales and marketing processes. It also describes how Taylor Communications develops the report using proprietary methodologies.